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German censorship laws caused Valve to port certain weapons from Counter-Strike: Source into the game sold in the German market. These weapons may be spawned by console commands or when playing with someone on a German copy of the game.

All Counter-Strike: Source's weapons were made available for all PC players after The Last Stand Community Update in 2020 and have a chance of spawning in regular game modes.

Tier 1
Tier 2
SG 552 Scout AWP
SG-552.png Scout.png AWSM.png
Melee Weapon
Css knife.png


  • The real AWSM and the Scout have their bolts on the right side, but they appear on the left side in first person. They are, however, on the correct side in third person. This is can be attributed to a reversed model.
  • The AWSM and the Scout do not have any muzzle flash upon firing.
  • The AWSM is referred as "sniper_awp" in the game files resulting it often being referred to as "AWP" by community.
    • Likewise, the AWSM is referred as "AWP" in the Left 4 Dead 2 stats page of Steam.
  • Prior to The Last Stand Update, numerous bugs existed for these weapons:
    • These weapons did not use their own firing sound while using an Incendiary Ammo.
      • The MP5 reused sounds from the Silenced Submachine Gun.
      • The SG552 reused sounds from the M16.
      • The Scout and AWSM reused sounds from the Hunting Rifle.
    • When spawned in the middle of a campaign chapter via console commands they will not damage any Infected, until after it was brought into a safe room.
    • The hands are improperly attached with them, as the fingers will appear longer.
Primary Weapons
Tier 1 Chrome invert.png Chrome Shotgun / Pump invert.png Pump Shotgun / MP5 Invert.png MP5 / Mac10 invert.png Silenced Submachine Gun / Uzi invert.png Submachine Gun
Tier 2 Ak invert.png AK-47 / Scar invert.png Combat Rifle / M16 invert.png M-16 Assault Rifle / SIG Invert.png SG 552 / Auto invert.png Auto Shotgun / Spas12 invert.png Combat Shotgun / AWSM Invert.png AWP / Hunting invert.png Hunting Rifle / Steyr Invert.png Scout / G3 invert.png Sniper Rifle
Special Tier Grenade launcher inverted.png Grenade Launcher / M60Icon.png M60 Machine Gun
Secondary Weapons
Sidearms Pistol inverted.png M1911 Pistol / Deagle invert.png Magnum Pistol / Pistol inverted.png P220 Pistol
Melee Weapons Bat invert.png Baseball Bat / Cricket invert.png Cricket Bat / Crowbar invert.png Crowbar / Axe invert.png Fireaxe / Pan invert.png Frying Pan / GolfClubIcon.png Golf Club / Guitar invert.png Guitar / Katana invert.png Katana / Knife Invert.png Knife / Machete invert.png Machete / Baton invert.png Nightstick / Icon pitchfork inverted.png Pitchfork / Icon shovel inverted.png Shovel
Special Tier Chainsaw invert.png Chainsaw
Other Weapons
Grenades Bile invert.png Bile Bomb / Molotov inverted.png Molotov Cocktail / Pipebomb invert.png Pipe Bomb
Upgrades L4D2 ammo explosive.png Explosive Ammunition / L4D2 ammo incendiary.png Incendiary Ammunition / Laser sight HUD invert.PNG Laser Sight
Fixed Weapons MMG Icon.png Heavy Machine Gun / Minigun icon.png Minigun
Usable Items Explosive Barrel HUD invert.png Explosive barrel / Fireworks icon.png Fireworks / Gas canister HUD invert.png Gas can / Oxytank icon.png Oxygen tank / Propane tank icon.png Propane tank
Special Items Cola.png Cola / Gnome icon.png Gnome Chompski
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