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Brick Factory.jpg
Brick Factory
State Rayford, Georgia
Campaigns The Sacrifice
"Past the bricks."
"On top of the bricks!"

The Brick Factory is the location for the end of the first chapter and the beginning of the second chapter of the DLC, The Sacrifice. It also serves as the safe room for The Survivors between the two chapters.


The industrial complex covers a vast area in Rayford that features some historicness of Rayford such as the old style baking ovens and the processes of making and creating bricks. The large factory has several old-style ovens to help bake the bricks, a large outdoor storage yard and shipping areas, docking area for ships and industrial grain-like towers. The company uses mine shaft carts and a mini rail system to help with the brick processes as some are used to transport gravel and sand and others are used to move the large stacks of bricks. The trucks used the storage areas to drop the ingredients off to make the bricks such as sand and flatbed trucks or the containers picked the bricks up and ship them off to their clients. The barges near the docks may have also helped with the brick processes as they are seen off-loading gravel from it's cargo hold. The company may have also contracted out to help renovate and rebuild the Rayford Historic Underground Tour.

Current Status[]

With the Infection breaking out all over the Southeastern areas of the United States, CEDA as well as other private contractors may have also commandeered the brick factory to divert and create mass production of bricks to help with containing the Infection. They used these bricks to barricade buildings and set the walls up. However, it seems that while in the middle of the brick production, the Infection eventually hit Rayford leaving everyone a victim to the Infected. A crashed barge containing gravel or sand is seen. The brick workers are seen as Infected and it seemed that the factory was in the middle of an operation as machinery are still activated. Some bricks are seen in the middle of the production line and the amount of bricks are seen in storage.

The Survivors entered the brick factory after fighting the train car Tank and Crescendo Event, needing to navigate their way around the factory and the storage yard. They eventually found a way into the factory warehouses. The entered a production line and made their way along the assembly line eventually leading to the large room filled with ovens. The Survivors made their way past the ovens to the far end corner of the room and entered the brick factory offices and used it as a safe room.

Once the Survivors are well rested, they continued on through the factory through the yard, past the grain-like towers and truck area toward the docks and barge area.



  • The Worker Infected were most likely brick factory workers.
  • The large amounts of bricks were created to help contain the Infection.
  • The brick factory can been seen by both groups of Survivors.
  • It seems as though the other Survivors passed by the factory and used it as a safe room as custom props (Such as car batteries hooked up to fluorescent lights), it can be seen as well as the graffiti on the walls.
  • The barge may have been docked (Or crashed) to help off-load gravel for more bricks to be made.
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