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GyakusastuCity GyakusastuCity 16 March

2 painful years later.

Hmm. Interesting. I was TERRIBLE at typing when I was 11. Anyways, this is the blog again, I doubt many have ever read this blog, but if you have thanks for sticking with my terrible ramblings. I don't have much to update with beyond that I've grown my hair longer (and The Last Stand came out!), but... Y'know.

Probably won't update tomorrow, but it's funny to look back on these.

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TimeShade TimeShade 18 February

Celebrate Black History Month with Fandom

Hey Left4Dead Community!

Fandom is celebrating Black History Month. As part of our ongoing initiatives, we'll be having roundtables focusing on discussing black representation across media.

On February 22 at 12PM ET (9AM PT/ 6PM CET), Fandom will have their roundtable focusing on Black Representation in video games! Feel free to drop by the Official Fandom Discord (https://discord.gg/WBraTEcRQJ) and join the discussion in the #bhm-roundtable channel.

You can check out our other initiatives for the month in the aforementioned blog post.

Here are some characters from the Left4Dead IP to highlight for the month:

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Dawakkaman! Dawakkaman! 24 January

Random thing i found,

So, at mercy hospital there is a banner that has “Closed” spray painted over it, but i noticed something on the sign

Evacuation center #008

SCP 008: Zombie virus

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Yong feng Yong feng 14 October 2021

Adoption for this Wiki

Hey everyone. I'm looking to adopt this Wiki due to all 8 administrators being inactive and this wiki is under pressure of Vandalism, increasingly amount of useless pages. And need to get rid of many pages that's on the list of Category:Candidates for deletion. This also edits committed by JSmith99033 (who refuses to answer the reasons for creating unrelated Dead by Daylight pages to this wiki).

However I need to have votes down here in order to allow me becoming as the new bureaucrat on the Wiki.

But before commenting I'd like to introduce about myself.

I'm Yong feng. I started to edit the wiki since 2014, although my edit count isn't high due to most articles were up-to-date back at that time. I have knowledge how to be an administrator. He…

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Ca14jhosef Ca14jhosef 22 June 2021

La historia de cualquier juego es muy importante


pero un día⛅ fuimos al ciber como lo asíamos cada domingo y nos dimos cuenta de que avían instalado un nuevo juego ese juego era lef4dead 2 .ya avían barios chicos que ya estaban jugando el juego así que pedimos las maquinas.

estuvimos jugando un ratito para saber de que se trataba y nos gusto💖 y desde entonces cada ves que íbamos al ciber lo jugábamos a beses con MIS MEJORES AMIGOS👯‍♂️ ,creando barias partidas en cooperativo y versus nuestra campaña favorita era FERIA SINIESTRA 😄una joya de campaña. tengo que recalcar que …

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Slavic-Asian-African Union Slavic-Asian-African Union 7 November 2020

Transport in the universe Left 4 dead and in what chapters does it occur.

Humvee forest camouflage meets: in the campaign No Mercy, in the chapter The Apartments(the only time during the campaign); in the campaign Crash Course, in the chapter The Alleys and The Truck Depot Finale; in the campaign Death Toll, in the chapter The Town and The Boathouse Finale. Humvee desert camouflage meets:

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Ellis The Storyteller Ellis The Storyteller 13 July 2020


I came here because I am an extremely big fan of the videogame Left 4 Dead 2.

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Tephra Tephra 21 June 2020

New Wiki Manager

Hello, I'm Tephra, the new Fandom Wiki Manager for the Left4Dead Wiki. Thatawesomecat has stepped down as a Wiki Manager and I am your replacement. So if you need editing help or have questions about Fandom, don't hesitate to ask and I'll respond as soon as possible.

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Thatawesomecat Thatawesomecat 29 March 2020

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Left 4 Dead Wiki, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here: https://community.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:MisterWoodhouse/Introducing_the_Fandom_Wiki_Managers_and_Content_Team

I will be around to check your Recent Changes occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

Thatawesomecat (talk) 00:52, March 29, 2020 (UTC)Thatawesomecat

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GyakusastuCity GyakusastuCity 19 December 2019

I don't know what to title this

So it's day 3 of my blog and nothing really interesting has come up but I have a big question: if bill died why don't the survivors just liek use a defib on him lol anyway still don't have much I'll update tomorrow if anything comes but whatever see ya guys.

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GyakusastuCity GyakusastuCity 18 December 2019

Left 2 Dead

The second blog post. Not much has really happened since yesterday but when booting up l4d2 my mods strangely took an unusual amount of time to load so I am deleting the ones I don't use and keeping the ones I do.I hope more interesting things will happen tomorrow but for now keep killing zombies. 

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GyakusastuCity GyakusastuCity 17 December 2019

My First Post

So hi I'm GyakusastuCity which means GenocideCity in Japanese so this is my first blog post I, ll try to write daily but probably won't keep that up but whatever bye.

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TheCrappyDrawer TheCrappyDrawer 18 October 2019

Who Is Your Favorite Survivor?

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Anonymous Master Anonymous Master 6 May 2019


I mean people are creepy in here. No one is here. And it seems weird. If anyone can read this, please help. I'm currently in a forest where it's dark all the time. I hooked up my computer to an electrical wire in the ground. Oh no, I saw him! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Hello. This is SlenderMan. I killed him. If anyone comes, I will stalk you. 

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Anonymous Master Anonymous Master 19 February 2019

Just Left For Dead...

I just joined and basically, I have been gathering information about this website.  Zombies are cool and all are fine. Anonymous is also my favorite hacker group. Motto: "We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Wall Street, expect us." 

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Fungus3 Fungus3 9 November 2018

Extreme Difficulty

Extreme mode is basically Expert and Realism mode combined on steroids.

The time between Panic Events in Extreme mode is a lot shorter than in the other modes, with five hordes in two minutes!

  • Common Infected receive × 0.375 damage to the body and deal 40 damage per hit from the front, 30 from the back.
    • There is no grace period where the Survivor will not take damage after being inflicted upon. This only affects damage dealt by the Common Infected.
  • The Witch receives × 0.375 damage to the body, has 1500 more health, can instantly kill a Survivor regardless if they are in normal or black-and-white vision, and is startled instantly from the front, or startled after 4 seconds when behind the Witch.
  • The Tank has 12000 health points, and kills Survivors in on…

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Halfway to Hunter Halfway to Hunter 19 March 2017

Fun Facts 'bout me

I guess I need to tell you some things about me.

  • I actually have a Hunter OC named Diamond. SHE IS NOT FINISHED YET. In fact, she's still in the sketch phase.
  • I'm making a story based in the apocalypse, and the Hunter's in it.
  • I freak out whenever I see The Hunter in a YouTube video over L4D or L4D2
  • In case you haven't noticed, I like The Hunter. 
  • I wish I could play L4D and L4D2, but I have a PS4, and I don't have any money to buy it for the computer. 
  • My favorite Survivor is Ellis. He's a true hillbilly, and not to mention, a country-boy stereotype. 
  • To me, The Hunter's pouncing scream sounds a little bit like a goat scream. Which makes it funny.
  • I wouldn't mind the Hunter being the President. 
  • I like to draw, write, watch YouTube, listen to musi…
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Halfway to Hunter Halfway to Hunter 18 March 2017

Which is the best Infected?

This is a question I've had on my mind for a while, but I also want to know everyone's opinion.

Okay, so what's your favorite infected? (Say their name and the reason why.)

So, for me, I like The Hunter. One reason is that the Hunter is easy to draw, since they have a human figure, and for an artist like me, that's the easiest thing to draw. Two, the Hunter is strong, and I like some strength on my side. Three, I just like the Hunter.

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Nova Stopmonk Nova Stopmonk 21 November 2016


Okay, so I was just reading the (dramatically boring) About page. There's a blog policy, stating blogs have been prohibited. I'm assuming they just re-enabled them. That would be my guess...

P.S. plz keep it this way.

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Nova Stopmonk Nova Stopmonk 17 November 2016


Testing to see how it looks

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AteAlive AteAlive 6 August 2011

Your greatest moment as a Hunter!

C'mon, you have to admit it. When you start playing as a super-stealthed, powerful parkouring zombie, the experience is amazing; especially once you get the hang of it. It's even better once you land a couple pounces from afar... and even when you kill that lone straggler away from the rest of the survivors. So post your most memorable moments with the Hunter... good or bad! Post more than one if you want!

My favorite was during a Versus match on No Mercy, on the Apartments. I managed to jump from the rooftops and land my first 24pt pounce... my first ever. Then I killed the same player toward the end of the level :)

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Johnnthemaster Johnnthemaster 4 February 2011

L4D3 New Weapons

here is some new weapons that i wish was in L4D3. note i have used some pics from cod black pos since they were they only one that has on the sides of the weapons

  • 1 Scorpion
  • 2 Achievements
  • 3 Thompson
  • 4 Achievements
  • 5 SG Rifle
  • 6 Achievements
  • 7 RPG
  • 8 Achievements
  • 9 Revolver 45
  • 10 Achievements
  • 11 Iron Baseball Bat
  • 12 Achievements
  • 13 Knife
  • 14 Achievements
  • 15 Sticky Grenade
  • 16 Achievements
  • 17 Returning weapons and the weapon tiers
    • 17.1 Sidearms
    • 17.2 Tier 1 Weapons
    • 17.3 Tier 2 Weapons
    • 17.4 Tier 3 weapons
  • 18 Returning melee weapons
  • 19 Other weapons
    • 19.1 Grenades
    • 19.2 Uppgrades
    • 19.3 Other Weapons

"...A machine gun, i grab that !" ―Survivors

The Scorpion is the Tier 1 weapon together with the Silenced Submachine Gun and the Chrome Shotgun that is available to players at the start of each chapter and to…

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Johnnthemaster Johnnthemaster 24 January 2011

L4D3 items and new items

  • 1 Healing items
    • 1.1 Large Aid Kit
      • 1.1.1 Usage
      • 1.1.2 As a weapon
    • 1.2 Cola Bottle
    • 1.3 Downfalls
  • 2 Achievements
  • 3 Secondary/Temporary healing slot
    • 3.1 Mega Pain Pills
    • 3.2 Downfalls
    • 3.3 Giga Adrenaline Shot
    • 3.4 Usage
    • 3.5 Downfalls
  • 4 Achievements

"Large med over here!"―The Survivors

The Large Aid Kit, colloquially known as a Big med kit or Large health pack, is used to heal any damage the Survivors take during a campaign. When carried by Survivors, it is held on like a backpack with visible straps holding it. it looks similare to the first aud kit except bigger and gives more health

Large Aid Kits can be found in the start of a campaign, and during the finale of a campaign. it can also be found in first aid stations and in random places anywhere else throughout the campaign, t…

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 10 January 2011

What's your most craziest moment while playing Left 4 Dead 2?

We all know L4D2 is intense, but there are some moments you seen while playing become awe-inspireing to you, or some crazy moments become, well, crazy. And those moments just make you wanna keep playing. So tell me, what's your most craziest moment while playing L4D2?

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Andyjak97 Andyjak97 3 January 2011

Hello I help

Hello Guys Im a new bember for left 4 dead wiki I help for create campaigns and maps please help

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Lightna Lightna 30 November 2010

My own ideas for L4D3 (if Valve gets over their fears of the number "3")

First things first!

Ryan: A twenty-three year old man that comes from (insert random town name here), California. A man who loved his job welding and encounter the Infected in his own workplace and killed them with the blowtorch and set off an inferno in the building, barely making it out while the smell of cooking Infected flesh filled the air.

Cassidy: A twenty-one year old woman who came out to California for her college education from the east coast. A couple weeks into her college career the Green Flu caught up to her and infected her college roommate. She witnessed her former roommate turn into a Witch and eviscerate her boyfriend. Eventually the entire campus was infected and she fled using the car she traveled the country to get to t…

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 29 November 2010

My Left 4 Dead 3 Plot

Welcome to my plot for Left 4 Dead 3(that is if Valve can get over the fear of making a third Left 4 Dead(they're serious, right?)). I know there isn't a lot, but I'll edit it as soon as I get more ideas.

  • 1 Storyline
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 New Survivors
    • 3.1 Andrew
      • 3.1.1 Bio
      • 3.1.2 Appearance
      • 3.1.3 Personality
      • 3.1.4 Relationships with other Survivors
    • 3.2 Katie
      • 3.2.1 Bio
      • 3.2.2 Appearance
      • 3.2.3 Personality
      • 3.2.4 Relationships with other Survivors
    • 3.3 Logan
      • 3.3.1 Bio
      • 3.3.2 Appearance
      • 3.3.3 Personality
      • 3.3.4 Relationships with other Survivors
    • 3.4 Tyrone
      • 3.4.1 Bio
      • 3.4.2 Appearance
      • 3.4.3 Personality
      • 3.4.4 Relationships with other Survivors
  • 4 New Weapons
    • 4.1 Tier 1
    • 4.2 Tier 2
    • 4.3 Sidearms
    • 4.4 Melee
  • 5 Returning Weapons
  • 6 Returning Infected
  • 7 New Campaigns
    • 7.1 Death School
      • 7.1.1 Details
      • 7.1.2 Uncommon Infected
      • 7.1.3 Crescendo Event…

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GTA:SA=best1 GTA:SA=best1 27 November 2010

L4D3 wishlist

  • Checking around the wikia, i never found a blog like this, so I diecided to make one myself.

Fell free to post your ideas for the next L4D... No one will judge you based on your wishings.


Valve may not take your suggestions, but they may look over this pageGTA:SA Is the best 22:18, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

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Bill4Ever Bill4Ever 24 November 2010

Midnight Riders

Even though the Midnight Riders might not be a real band they have great songs:

One bad Man

Midnight Riders

Save me Some Sugar

they should be a real band they probably be famous because of their music

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Stalecookie122 Stalecookie122 24 November 2010

left 4 dead

If you luv left 4 dead say yea!

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Bill4Ever Bill4Ever 23 November 2010

Left 4 dead times

im working on a type of newspaper that involves this i will be trying to post it on here when i do please comment hope you enjoy

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Admi98 Admi98 15 November 2010

Uncommon Special Infected

If Valve decided to make Left 4 Dead 3 you think they should make uncommon special infected like a ceda worker hunter or riot jockey.

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Amjet2151 Amjet2151 9 November 2010


What places do you think they should they put in Left4Dead3? Here is some of my sugesstions:

1)a school

2)army base

3) the country

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Mr.potata Mr.potata 8 November 2010

L4D2 is Coming to PS3 !

So they say.....


Seems EA does want the money of PS3 owners even if Valve doesn't. Or maybe its a typo. What I do know is right now on the EA site they have it coming to the PS3.

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Zombiekiller14 Zombiekiller14 3 November 2010

Left 4 Dead Help

Hey, if you need help on unlocking a achievement, or if you want to find a way to kill a Tank faster, I can help you out any way I can. I can even give you hints. Thanks. Zombiekiller14

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Speical ops genral minigun Speical ops genral minigun 2 November 2010

who is your favorate characters

who is your favorate characters it can be a playable or npc

mine is ellis,whitaker and bill

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 20 October 2010

Left 4 Dead 3

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Survivors
    • 2.2 Rescue Vechicles
  • 3 New Infected and Infected Upgrades
    • 3.1 Upgrades:
    • 3.2 New Infected:

Info soon.

The surviviors from L4D and L4D2 Appear. There is one new Survivor to replace Bill. L4D2 Surivors are in the list of L4D2 Survivor camapgins. While the L4D Survivors are in the L4D Survivor capaigns list.

Sean: The new survivor. More info soon.

L4D Survivor Campaigns:

Hell Hood rescue vechicle: The classic Helicopter

Death Rig rescue vechile: Motor Boat

Forest of No Return rescue vechile: Seprate Motrocycles

Death Run rescue vechile: Plane

L4D2 Survivor Campaigns:

The Mist rescue vechile: Armored Limo

Junk Yard rescue vechile: Monster Truck

Doomicicle rescue vechile: Cargo Train

Dead Sea rescue vechile: Large Sail Boat

Hunter: they …

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 17 October 2010

Mutation Idea: The Legend

If this was real, it propally be the Hardest game mode. A mix between Ultra Realism and Last Man on Earth.

Rules: You only get one chance to get one chance to get away from being incaptitated per Chapter. No team mates to help you. There are no outlines around anything. No HUD to check your ammo and health. But if you complete a Campaign, You are Legend.

Tagline: You are Legend.

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SonikFan112 SonikFan112 16 October 2010

Mutation Idea: Hunting Family Reunion

The only weapons in this Mutation are Hunting Rifles, pistols, and Melee weapons. All Special Infected are replaced by Hunters. If all four survivors are pounced, one Hunter will be forced off a survivor. Versus mode.

Just a idea I had.

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 16 October 2010

Mutation Idea: Boomer Time

Rules: the only Infected are Common, Uncommon, and Boomers. Boomers health is now 750. Attack damage with Claws is 10 damage per hit. Its Bile Acts as Spitter Acid and normal Boomer Bile. Boomers are also as fast as Jockeys now. It is a Versus Mutation.

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 16 October 2010

Mutation Idea: L-Team

My own idea. Tell me what you think. It is a Versus Mutation.

Rules: All guns have Unlimited ammo. Only 1 Med-Kit and Pain Pill for each Survivor. All infected get a Speed, Attack, and Health boost. Sppeed increases 10%. Attack increases 30%. And Health increases 50%. One survivor has a M60 and a Magnum. One survivor has a Grenade Launcher and duel P220 Pistol's. One survivor has a AK-47 and a Ax. The last Survivor has a Assault Rifle and a Crowbar.

Tagline: The L-Team is on the Job.

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 16 October 2010

Mutation Idea: Realism Scavange

A mix between Scavange and Realism.

Rules: You have to search around the map for the Gascans. You cant see any outlines around objects. Making it more of a challenge.

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 15 October 2010

Mutation Idea: Last Scavanger on Earth

A mix between Last man on earth and Scavange.

Rules: Same thing as Scavange and Last man on Earth. Your by yourself and get gascans in. Get 8 Gascans in to win.

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 15 October 2010

Mutation Idea: Scavage Survival

A mix between Survival and Scavage.

Tagline: How many can you get before you die?

Rules: The goal is to get as much Gas cans in the Generator before you and your teammates die. There are a Unlimited amount of Gas cans. After you collect all the Gas cans they will respawn.

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 15 October 2010

Mutation Idea: Scout

Its not the best name, I know. If you have a better one, post it in the comments.

Items: The only Items in the map are Pipe Bombs, Adrenaline Shots, Baseball Bats, Pistols, and Combat Shotguns.

Infected: the Uncommon Common of the Campaigns, Jockeys, Hunters, and Smokers.

Rules: Acts as a Vs Game. The Survivors start out with Baseball Bats and Adrenaline Shots. They can find other Items around the map.

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Paladin cross Paladin cross 11 October 2010


On the Z11installation07 board, I am trying to set up a l4d RPG. If interested go to the site (bing it), but be warned that you must somewhat enjoy the game Halo as well.

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Riot Infected Riot Infected 10 October 2010

How NOT to Survive a Green Flu Epidemic and why the Riot Infected Failed

"We should all learn from our past mistakes and work together towards a brighter future."

Better words were never spoken. In this seminar to all survivors trying to live in a world half-overrun by the vicious Green Flu Infection, Mercer, Security will demonstrate why our containment policies with CEDA to quarantine the southern United States failed and how we failed our own employees by neglecting to take the proper protective measures. Now, on to Step One.

Now most anti-zombie armour depicted in the media (And used by Mercer during the epidemic) looks like this. When you see the above image, you think, "Perfect." Well, it looks nice but let's examine it...

Firstly it has a lot of Grab-Points. A Grab-Point is quite literally anything an Infec…

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G1n032 G1n032 10 October 2010

Valve wiki links.

Hey guys, just suggesting: shouldn't we make a sidebarlink to other Valve wikis like what the Combine Overwiki does?

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 9 October 2010

Mutation Idea: Sniper's Survival

Hey, ill be posting up ideas for new things in the L4D Universe that Survivors can use.

Rules: Same thing as Survival. But the only resources you got are Defib's and Pills and Molotovs around the Map. You start out with Sniper Rifles and Machetes. The basic goal is to survive only with a few twiks. Tell me the things i can improve on and the Pros and Cons. Thnx for Reading. Please Comment

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Lasmoore Lasmoore 9 October 2010

Next L4D DLC

So, hi! Im new here. Anyways, Valve never said there would be more DLC. But they said the story will continue. Most likely a L4D3 will come out after Half-Life 3 or Portal 2. But there could be more DLC. And i think Valve should make the next DLC big. I want New guns, New grenades, New Melee weapons, and a Five or four chapter campaign. Also some new mutations. Hell!, ill be glad about a New Infected, Uncommon Common or a new Survivor. The story should either be about what happened to L4D Survivors after the Passing. And the can Run in to a new Survivor for a fourth player. A replacement for Bill basicly. Or about what happened to the L4D2 Survivors after The Parish. And if we Downloaded The Lighthouse and Crash Course for L4D, we get them…

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