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  • A list of Bill's Quotes and cut quotes, also known as Captions, in Left 4 Dead.


Intro Scene[]

  • [ Telling other Survivors to stop for a moment ] "Hold up!"
  • [ Examining green liquid ] "Ain't seen anything like this before..."
  • [ Wiping the green liquid on Francis' jacket ] "They're changing."
  • "Over there."
  • "Lights off!"
  • [ Massive horde approaching ] "Oh, this is gonna get bad..."
  • [ Responding to Louis regarding the Tank ] "Both!"
  • "Son, we just crossed the street. Let's not throw a party 'til we're out of the city."


  • [ Nearing a safe room ]
    • "This way people!"
    • "Safe house up ahead!"
    • "There's a safe place up ahead!"
  • "Aaah... I'm getting too old for this horse shit."
  • "Francis, is there anything you don't hate?"
  • "We're doin' pretty goddamned good! Don't let it go to your head."
  • "I didn't sign up for this shit!"
  • "Hell, I was too old for this shit fifteen years ago."
  • [ Horde approaching "Those bastards are in for a big surprise!"
  • Triggering car alarm "Bull Frickin Horse Shit!"
  • "Son of a bitch."
  • "Ah shit!"
  • [ Alone ] "Hellooo!"
  • "Where are you?"
  • "Where is everyone?"
  • "Is anyone there?!"
  • "Report in, people! Report!"
  • "Hello!"
  • "Anybody out there?"
  • "Is anyone out there?"
  • [ Arrival to the finale area ] "This looks like it! We're almost outta here!"
  • "We're almost outta here!"
  • "Okay people, we're almost there! Let's keep moving!"
  • "Keep it together, people! We're almost home free!"


  • "I couldn't have done it without the tuna sandwich, I tell ya."
  • "How many fingers are you holding up?"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "What day of the week is it?"
  • Francis: "If you survive, maybe God's tryin' to tell ya something."
    • Bill: "Francis, don't take God's name in vain." / "For chrissake, Francis, don't take God's name in vain."
  • "How in the hell is this gonna to work?"
  • "You ever use one of these?"
  • "That sounds like a line of horseshit."
  • "You two done chatting?"
  • "Well, this don't remind me of Nam."
  • "There ain't much we can do now."
  • "You're just spoutin' off ignorance."
  • "I am gonna blow your ass to kingdom come."
  • "Y'know, Francis, we'd all think you were a lot smarter if you said less."
  • "The future sure ain't what it used to be."
  • "Francis? You know what'd do us more good than all yer whinin' and jokin'? Shootin'."
  • "Francis, we might live through this if you stopped makin' jokes and started getting angry."
  • "I ain't ready to meet my maker yet. But hearin' them animals outside, I'm happy to make some introductions."
  • Bill: "This reminds me of the Battle of Hue."
    • Francis: "You were at the battle of Hue? I'm kidding. I have no idea what that is."
  • "I don't want to piss on your parade, Louis, but what if it doesn't get better?"
  • "Good point."
  • "I knew this day was comin'. They wouldn't listen."
  • "All right, it's official. I decided I hate zombies."
  • "Zombies."
  • "As long as there's one of those ugly bastards left to shoot, I got a reason to keep on going."
  • "Way to land a chopper..."
  • "These things are like a brush fire: they don't discriminate. They just burn up every damn thing in their way."
  • "I'll tell you what: if the meek inherit the earth after this, they'd better get a whole hell of a lot better at killin'."
  • "Francis, why don't you stop makin' trouble and start makin' some corpses."
  • "I'm gonna make an example out of the next one those things that jumps me."
  • "I don't believe it."
  • "They're trying to stop us."
  • "I'm with you, I hate these things."
  • "That's not what they said on TV."

Locked in a Rescue Closet[]

  • "Anybody out there!?"
  • "Come on people, let me out!"
  • "Can anyone hear me!?"
  • "Let. Me. OOOUT!"
  • "Hey, can anybody hear me!?"
  • "Get over here and let me out!"
  • "Goddamnit I'm trapped in here!"
  • "I can't see a damned thing in here. Let me out!"
  • (Murmuring) "This is such horseshit..." (Shouting) "...Is anybody even out there!?"
  • "I know you can hear me goddamn it, let me the hell out!"


  • "Thanks for getting me outta there."
  • "Thanks for that!"
  • "Thanks, I was gettin' lonely."
  • "'Bout time."
  • "Thanks, it was gettin' hard to breathe in there.

The following section lists the voice lines generated by pressing and holding down Z or X button on the PC

"Let's go"[]

  • "Alright, let's go!" (2 versions)
  • "Let's move, people!" (2 versions)
  • "Move it out!"
  • "Let's go."
  • "Time to move out."
  • "Let's move it out, people!"
  • "Come on, let's go!" (2 versions)
  • "Let's move it out!"
  • "Let's go, people!"


  • [ Close ] "Look at this."
  • "Look over here!"
  • "You're gonna want to see this!"
  • [ Far ] "Over there!" (2 versions)
  • "Look!" (3 versions)

"I'm with you"[]

  • "I got your six."
  • "Right behind you." (2 versions)
  • "I'm with you."
  • "I got your back."
  • "I'm right behind you."

"I'll save you"[]

  • "Hold on, I'm on my way!"
  • "I'm coming!"
  • "Don't get your panties in a bunch, I'm coming!"

"Follow me"[]

  • "Come on, this way!"
  • "I'll take the lead!"
  • "Follow me!" (2 versions)
  • "This way, people!"
  • "This way!" (2 versions)
  • "I'm on point."
  • "Fall in behind me."

"You take the lead"[]

  • "You go ahead, I'll follow you."
  • "You take the lead."
  • "Go ahead."
  • "You're on point."
  • "I'll follow you."
  • "Lead on."
  • "You go ahead, I'll cover you."
  • "Take the point."


  • "Let's wait here!"
  • "Let's wait for a minute!"
  • "Wait here just a minute!"
  • "Hold up!"

"Be careful"[]

  • "Careful." (3 versions)
  • "Watch yourself."
  • "Be careful." (2 versions)
  • "Watch yourself now."
  • "Eyes and ears, people. Eyes and ears."
  • "Stay sharp."

"Nice job"[]

  • "Nice work!" (2 versions)
  • "Nice job!" (5 versions)
  • "You're doin' this unit proud, kid." (2 versions)
  • "Good work." (2 versions)
  • "Hey, nice!"
  • "Nice!"
  • "You did good."
  • "You made me proud."
  • "Good. Very good."
  • "You're a credit to the squad, kid."
  • "That was... some piece of work."
  • "Pretty damn good."
  • "That was a good piece of work."
  • "You did good, kid."


  • "Hurry up!" (2 versions)
  • "Move!"
  • "Hurry!" (2 versions)
  • "Get the lead out, people!"
  • "Hustle!"
  • "Hurry it up!"
  • "Faster! Move it, people!"


  • "Ready?" (2 versions)
  • "Ready for this?" (2 versions)
  • "Everyone locked and loaded?"
  • "You people ready?"


  • "Sorry."
  • "Sorry about that." (2 versions)
  • "I am sorry."
  • "My fault." (2 versions)
  • "I shouldn't have done that."
  • (Sigh) "Won't happen again."
  • "I regret that mistake."
  • "Ah hell I'm getting too old for this shit."
  • "That was careless of me."


  • "Roger that."
  • "Affirmative."
  • "Yeah."
  • "Okay."
  • "Yes."


  • "Ain't gonna happen."
  • "No can do."
  • "Negatory."
  • "No way."
  • "Nah."
  • "Negative."
  • "Not a chance."
  • "No!" (3 versions)
  • "No possible way."
  • "I don't think so."
  • "Absolutely not!"

Health related[]

Medical Supplies[]

  • [ Pain pills ]
    • "Pills here!"
    • "Someone's gonna need these..."
    • "Grabbing pills."
    • "I'm gonna need these."
  • [ First Aid Kit ]
    • [ Spotting ]"First Aid, over here."
    • "First aid kit here."
    • "Health pack here!"
    • [ Taking ]"Grabbin' First Aid."
    • "I'm... gonna need these."
    • "First to aid, last to die."

Giving healing item[]

  • "Here."
  • "Here, take this."
  • "Here I got somethin' for ya."
  • "Take this."
  • "Hold up, I got somethin' for ya."
  • "Yeah you're gonna need this."
  • "Here, I uh... saved this for you."
  • "Hold still!"

Survivor Dies[]

  • "This is going to Hell in a hand basket real fast!"
  • "I didn't sign up for this shit!"
  • [ 2 Survivors dead ] "It's just the two of us now kid!"
  • (Cut) "It's just you and me again, Zoey!"
    • This either means Bill and Zoey joined before they found Louis and Francis.
  • [ Francis ] "I'm gonna miss that man, and his gun."
  • "Christ, I'm gonna miss that son of a bitch."
  • "Agh, not Francis."
  • [ Zoey ] "Ah Jesus! What a waste!"
  • "Aghh... not [tearing up] Zoey..."
  • "One of those sick sons of bitches just sealed all of their death warrants!"
  • (Cut) "She didn't make it!"
  • (Cut) "Let's hope she's in a better place. Hell, it couldn't be much worse."
  • [ Louis ] "Come on people! If we make it, he didn't die for nothing!"
  • "Ahh, Louis!"
  • "Louis didn't make it... Agh Christ!"
  • [ Cut ] "He's dead!"
  • "He didn't make it!"
  • "Looks... looks like we lost one."
  • "Goddamnit, he didn't make it."
  • "Ah Christ, he's dead!"

Reviving a Survivor[]

  • "Hold still, hold still, I'm gonna get you back on your feet, then we gotta move." (2 versions)
  • "Okay... Alright... Now c'mon kid, shake it off. Let's get moving." (2 versions)
  • "Awww hell, it looks a lot worse than it is; c'mon y'gotta get up and...walk it off!"
  • "Probably stings like hell, but it ain't gonna kill ya. Up an' at 'em soldier, time to move."
  • "There's a lot of blood but you're not missing anything important. C'mon, get up, let's get moving."
  • "Take it easy kid, I'm gonna get you back on your feet and fighting."
  • "Hell kid, they just winged ya! C'mon, back on your feet, let's get moving."
  • "Here we go, back on your feet soldier, you're not getting out of this fight THAT easy."
  • "Lie still, lemme look... (short pause) ...Aw hell, I've seen worse, you'll be alright in a second!"
  • "You're not through yet kid, get up and let's go; these shitheads ain't gonna kill themselves."
  • "Aww quit sniveling I've seen worse."
  • "Come on, get up! These jackasses aren't going to kill themselves."
  • "Back on your feet, soldier! You're not getting out of this fight that easily."


  • "Lemme get you up. Lemme get you up."
  • "Son, you look rode hard and put away wet."
  • "Ahhhh, dyin' ain't so scary. Happens all the time."
  • "Stay with me, now. You did real good back there."
  • "We'll live through this. Only the good and the really bad die young-and I figure we're somewhere in the middle."
  • "Bein' brave doesn't mean you're not scared. It means you're scared as hell, and then you pick up the shotgun anyway."

Reviving a Survivor (Under Attack)[]

  • "I got'cha, you're gonna make it!"
  • "Get up, get up, we ain't got time for this!"
  • "Get up, get up!"
  • "C'mon, get up!"
  • "Hang on, I got'cha!"
  • "C'mon, y'gotta get up!"
  • "You're not done yet, c'mon!"
  • "Let's go, get up! Let's go!"
  • "C'mon, this fight ain't over!"
  • "C'mon!"
  • "Back on your feet, soldier, you're not getting out of this fight that easy!"

Reviving a Survivor (Brief)[]

(NOTE: The game has these vocalizations divided into two parts, A and B. A plays at the beginning of the Revival Animation, and B plays shortly thereafter. The game 'mixes and matches' the A and B clips randomly.)

Before (A)[]

  • "You okay?"
  • "How y'feelin'?"
  • "Can y'make it?"
  • "Y'gonna make it?"
  • "How bad are ya?"
  • "How y'doin'?"
  • "Can y'walk?"

(Cut) "You look bad."

After (B)[]

  • "Up an' at 'em!"
  • "C'mon up!" (2 versions)
  • "Up y'go, son!"
  • "You'll be okay."
  • "I got'cha!"
  • "Up we go..."
  • "Hell, you're fine!"
  • "It don't look bad."
  • "Let's move."
  • "You're fine!"
  • "You'll be fine!"
  • [ Reviving Louis ] "Back on your feet Louis."
  • (Cut) "Get up, Louis. Hell, you gotta be more careful, son."
  • [ Reviving Francis ] "Looks like your big mouth still works."
  • (Cut) "Hey, Francis. Funny meeting you here. Get up."
  • (Cut) "The man ain't comin' for you yet, Francis. Get up."
  • [ Reviving Zoey ] "You're okay Zoey."
  • (Cut) "Zoey, Zoey, don't worry - I won't leave you."
  • (Cut) "Relax, Zoey, you're gonna be fine."
  • [ Reviving Zoey] " Don't get your panties in a bunch, I'm comin'! "

Reviving a Survivor (Last Chance)[]

  • "I can help ya up, but I'm not gonna lie to you, you're in bad shape. If we don't find you some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit."
  • "Ho-lee hell, you are messed up. If we don't find you some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit."
  • "That really tore the hell outta ya. If we don't find you some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit."
  • "Ho-lee shit, they took a big piece outta you, kid. If we don't find ya some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit."
  • "I can help you back on your feet, but it's temporary. I-if we don't find you some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit."
  • "You're in... (sigh) real bad shape kid. If we don't find you some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit."
  • "No shame kid, I would have pissed myself too, but if we don't find you some first aid, you're not gonna survive another hit."

Healing Self[]

  • "Wait up, I'm healing!"
  • "Cover me, gonna heal!"
  • "Cover me." (3 versions)
  • "Healing! Cover me!"
  • "Watch my back." (2 versions)

Healing Another[]

  • "Hold still, Ah'm gonna heal ya..."
  • "Hold up, I'll heal ya."
  • "Stop squirmin', I'm gonna heal you."
  • "Let me patch you up."
  • "Hold still, I can heal you."

Aided by a Teammate[]

  • "That wasn't necessary...but, thanks."
  • "Thanks a lot."
  • "I owe you one."
  • "Thanks for that."


  • "I-I'm okay..."
  • "I'm alright."
  • (Indistinct grunt)
  • "Hell if I know..."
  • "Most'a this blood ain't mine!"
  • (Moan)
  • "I'll make it."
  • "I'll live."
  • "H-hell, I'll live."
  • "I've had worse."
  • [ When Louis helps him up and is actually behind him ] "Who are you?"
    • Louis: "It's me, Louis!"
  • [ When Zoey helps him up and is actually behind him ] "Who are you?"
    • Zoey: "It's me, Zoey!"
  • "M-Mother?"
  • "Well... I ain't good."


  • "Ah shit. Help!"
  • "I'm down."
  • "Dammit! I'm down!"

Asking for help[]

  • "A little help, people!"
  • "Little help!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Need some help over here!"
  • "I need a hand people!"

Critically injured[]

  • "Francis, buddy, are you gonna use that First-Aid kit?"
  • "Zoey, can you spare me a health-kit?"
  • "Louis, you mind giving an old man your health-kit?"
  • "Godammit, I am seriously FUBAR!"
  • "If I go down... (Emotional) don't let those bastards eat me."
  • "Ugh... I think I'm goin' home in a box."
  • "I don't feel so good..."
  • "Ahh shit, I ain't feelin' right."
  • "Dammit, I'm bleedin' out."
  • "Uhh... This old body ain't gonna make it."


  • "I'm about...to buy...the farm..."
  • "We- we gotta find me a medic."
  • "You people might have to go on without me."
  • "I don't know if I'm gonna make it."

Safe room - Survivor left behind[]

  • "Don't get your panties in a bunch! I'm coming!"
  • "No sense dying of old age, let's go help em."
  • "We will NOT leave a man behind! Let's get back out there!"
  • "Aw, shit, we really gotta go help em!"
  • "Alright, let's go help."

[ Francis ]

  • "Jesus! Francis is still out there!"

[ Louis ]

  • "How well do you really know Louis? ...I'm kiddin', let's go get 'em"

[ Zoey ]

  • "I can't leave Zoey out there!"
  • "Zoey can't stay out there! We have to help 'er."
  • (Cut) "Don't shut the door! She's still out there!"

Safe room (Not Closed)[]

  • [ Everyone inside "That door ain't gonna lock itself people." (2 versions)
  • "Lock the door... DO IT!"
  • "Lock that door." (4 versions)
  • "Secure that door!"
  • "Secure the door."
  • Waiting other survivors to reach safe room ] "Double-Time it to the safe room, people!"
  • [ Ending chapter "Outstanding!"
  • (Laughter)
  • "You did good!"
  • "Trah-mendous."
  • Casualties or right after horde fight "Jesus H. Christ that was close."
  • "We've done better."
  • "Well that didn't go so well."
  • "That was a little closer than I'da liked!"
  • "Thank god that's over." (2 versions)
  • "I've had enough about this!"
  • "This shit's gettin' old!"


Items Found[]

  • [ Ammo spotted ] "Ammooo, here."
  • [ Second Pistol spotted ]
    • "Weapon over here!"
    • "Got a weapon over here!"
  • [ Picking up a second pistol ]
    • "I'm taking an extra pistol."
    • "Extra pistol."
    • "Extra sidearm!"
  • [ Grabbing a pipe bomb ]
    • (Uncertain) "I'd...rather have a grenade, but this'll do."
    • "A black powder bomb..."
    • "Grabbin' a pipe bomb."
  • [ Pipe bomb spotted ]
    • "Pipe bomb!"
    • "Pipe bomb over here!"
  • [ Molotov spotted ]
    • "Molotov!"
    • "Molotov here!"
  • [ Grabbing a molotov ]
    • "Grabbing a molotov."
    • "Might wanna save this for later."
    • "Molotov."

Throwing a Grenade (Pipe Bomb/Molotov/Bile Bomb)[]

  • "Grenade!" (3 versions)
  • "Fire in the hole!" (3 versions)


  • [ Non-specific ]
    • "Ahhch, a gun's a gun."
    • "If it shoots bullets I'll take it"
    • "This'll do some damage."
  • [ Assault Rifle ]
    • "An assault rifle; This shit's gettin' more like 'Nam every second."
    • "An assault rifle? Heh, man this takes me back!"
    • "An assault rifle - come to papa!"
  • [ Auto Shotgun ]
    • "Auto shotty!"
    • "I'm taking this shotgun."
    • "Shotgun!"
    • "I'm grabbin' this shotgun."
  • [ Hunting Rifle ]
    • "I'm gonna grab this range rifle."
    • "I'm grabbin' a huntin' rifle."
  • [ Submachine Gun ]
    • "Grabbin' an SMG."
    • "Full auto-beautiful."


  • "Reloading!" (2 versions)


Boomer detected[]

  • "I hear a Boomer out there..."
  • "There's a Boomer around here."
  • "Careful; Boomer."
  • "Watch it; Boomer in the vicinity."
  • "Boomer around here."
  • "Boomer nearby." (2 versions)
  • "There's a Boomer trackin' us."
  • "Boomer close by."
  • "Christ, there's a Boomer around here."
  • "Dammit... Boomer nearby!"
  • [ Spotted ] "Boomer!" (3 versions)

Vomited On[]

  • "Ach, goddammit! Son of a bitch!"
  • "Uuugh, aw shit."
  • "Aaagh, Jesus..."

Hunter detected[]

  • [ Hearing ] "There's a Hunter around here..."
  • "Careful people, there's a Hunter nearby."
  • "There's a Hunter spookin' around out there."
  • "There's a Hunter out there."
  • "Careful... Hunter around here."
  • "Hunter out there."
  • "Watch your back; Hunter."
  • "Watch your back, there's a Hunter out there."
  • "I think I saw a god-damn Hunter."
  • [ Spotting ] "Hunter!" (3 versions)
  • [ Pinned ] "GET IT OFF!" (2 versions)
  • "Get it off, get it off!"

Hunter pounces another Survivor[]

  • "Hunter's got [ Name of Survivor ] !"
  • "Hunter pounced [ Name of Survivor ] !"
  • "A Hunter's on [ Name of Survivor ] !"

Smoker detected[]

  • [ Hearing ] "Smoker right around here!"
  • "There's a Smoker nearby!"
  • "We got a Smoker around here."
  • "Heads up! Smoker somewhere around here!"
  • "Smoker right around here someplace!"
  • "Smoker... and it's close."
  • "There's a Smoker."
  • [ Spotting ] "Smoker!" (3 versions)

Caught by Smoker[]

  • "NO! NO! NO! Noooooooo!"
  • "Noooooooo!"
  • "NO NO!"
  • "NO! Nooo!"

Constricted by Smoker[]

  • "Aaaaargh"

Common Infected approaching[]

  • "Watch out!" (2 versions)
  • "Watch your ass!"
  • "Heads up!"
  • "Look out!"
  • "Behind you!"

Incoming Horde[]

  • "Here they come!" (2 versions)
  • "INCOMING!" (2 versions)


  • [ Spotting ] "Tank!" (3 versions)
  • [ Pounded ] "IT'S KILLIN ME!!"

Witch spawns[]

  • [ Hearing ] "Hear that, that's a Witch."
  • "Shit, Witch."
  • "Shh. Witch's near here."
  • "Quiet! There's a Witch around here."
  • "Witch around here."
  • [ Spotting ] "Witch!" (4 versions)

Telling other Survivors to turn off the flashlight[]

  • "Turn those flashlights off." (2 versions)
  • "Kill that light."
  • "Turn your light off."
  • "Lights off."

Witch about to get startled[]

  • "Hold up, that Witch is getting ready to pounce!"
  • "Stop, that Witch is gettin' mad as hell!"
  • "Stop, that Witch is mad as hell!"
  • "There's going to be hell to pay if you keep aggravating that Witch!"
  • "Hold on, that Witch is about to blow."


  • [ When Francis calls the Infected "vampires" ] "They're zombies, Francis."
  • [ When a Hunter lands on Francis ] "Hunter pounced Francis!"
  • [ When Bill has killed a Special Infected "Got it!" (2 versions)
  • "Got 'em!" (4 versions)
  • "He's dead!"
  • [ After a teammate has killed a Special Infected. ] "Damn, now that was a shot!"
  • "We're fightin' a war of attrition with a horde of brainless killing machines; I ain't exactly optimistic about our chances."
  • [ When a Witch is chasing him (cut) ] "I got a god damn Witch on my ass! RUN!"
  • "Ah shit, she's after me!"
  • [Upon killing an Infected] You people are gettin' good!

Level Specific[]

No Mercy[]

Cut Intro[]

  • "I never liked hospitals much, and I like sewers even less. But I do love a chopper taking me out of a hell hole. So we went through the bowels of the city to get to the hospital and to a chopper sent from heaven."

The Apartments[]

[ Intro ]

  • Bill: "We can take the subway tunnels to the hospital. There's a Red Line station not far from here."
    • Louis: "Sounds good." / Zoey: "Well, I guess we're going to the hospital."
  • Louis: "The subway can take us straight to Mercy Hospital!"
    • Bill: "Good thinking." / "Might not be a bad idea to get off the street."
  • (Cut) "The red line will take us straight to Mercy Hospital."

[ Going down the street ]

  • "Station's just up the street."
  • "There's a subway station just around the corner."
  • "This way people."
  • "This way!"
  • (Cut) "It's right around the corner!"

[ Seeing a dead body (cut) ]

  • "Poor gal didn't make it. Well, I understand."

[ Going in the subway station ]

  • "There's the station!"
  • "Everyone to the station!"
  • (Cut) "Station's blocked. Maybe we can get through here?"

The Subway[]

[ At the first station ]

  • "Red Line North will take us straight there."
  • "The Red Line North will take us to Mercy."
  • "The Red Line North will take us to the hospital."
  • "Ahh shit, subway looks full of zombies."
  • "Was hoping there would be less zombies down here."
  • (Cut) "At least it isn't raining in here."
  • (Cut) "The north line is to the right."

[ Seeing that the tunnel is blocked ]

  • "Goddamnit, the line's blocked."
  • "Gotta find another way."
  • "This seemed too easy."
  • "Going to have to go top side."

[ Hitting the button in the generator room (cut) ]

  • "I'll hit it."
  • "Get ready! I'm hitting the button."

[ In the control room upstairs (cut) ]

  • "Guns up here."
  • "Look, there's guns."
  • "Guns!"

[ In the street ]

  • "We have to keep moving down the street."
  • (Cut) "Down the street."

[ Seeing the safehouse ]

  • "Safehouse up in the pawnshop."
  • "Get to the pawnshop people!"
  • "Keep moving, safehouse ahead!"
  • (Cut) "It isn't that much farther."
  • (Cut) "At least it's brighter."

[ Approaching the alarmed car (cut) ]

  • "Don't shoot that car!"
  • "Check your guns. Don't shoot the car!"

[ If a survivor hits the car (cut) ]

  • "What in the hell were you thinking?"

The Sewer[]

[ Going through the Burger Tank ]

  • "I don't know which way. Through here I think."

[ Approching the lift ]

  • "To the lift."
  • "Hospital's just on the other side of the water works."
  • Bill: "Get on the lift!"
    • Louis: "Hurry!"
  • (Cut) "Dead-end. Let's try up there."

[ On the lift (cut) ]

  • "Hit the button!"

[ Going through the warehouse ]

  • "Through the warehouse."
  • "At least this is the right direction."

[ Seeing a dead body ]

  • "Looks like people went this way."
  • "I think they tried to escape."
  • (Cut) "Heaven help us."

[ Entering the sewers ]

  • "Into the sewers we go."
  • "Well hell, let's try the sewers."
  • "Maybe there's no stinkin' zombies in the sewers?"
  • "Already smell pretty bad."

[ In the sewers ]

  • Bill: "Francis, is that you or the sewer?"
    • Francis: "Hey! hey!" / "Oh hey, that is uncalled for!"
  • Zoey: "The subway smelled bad, but this..."
    • Bill: "I've smelled worse."

[ Looking at the "No Smoking" sign in the sewer ]

  • "That's a crock of shit."
  • "What a crock of shit."

[ Looking for a manhole ]

  • "Need to find a manhole, the hospital is above us."
  • "Need to find manhole."
  • "Should be a way up ahead."

[ Seeing the hospital ]

  • "The HOSPITAL!"
  • "There's the Hospital!"

[ Entering the hospital ]

  • "Into the emergency room, people!"

The Hospital[]

[ Exiting the safe room ]

  • "Almost there!"
  • "At least the power's on."
  • "Let's find an elevator."
  • (Cut) "Power's on."

[ Going up the stairs ]

  • "Ahh... more stairs." / "I ain't walking to the roof."
    • Louis: "It's good for you Bill. Cardio!" / "Stairs are a good workout."

[ Calling the elevator (cut) ]

  • "I'm callin' the elevator people."
  • "Get ready, I'm callin' the elevator."

[ Waiting for the elevator (cut) ]

  • "Can't that thing move any faster?"
  • "Can't this thing move any faster?"

[ When the elevator arrives ]

  • "Elevator's here!"
  • "Get to the elevator!"
  • "Into the elevator!"

[ Inside the elevator ]

  • Zoey: "You think one day it's all just gonna go back to normal?"
    • Bill: "I'll see peace back on earth if I gotta murder every one of these bastards with my bare goddamn hands."
    • Louis: "That's what I'm talkin' about."
    • Bill: "Damn straight."
  • Bill: "We been immune so far, but - well, if I start to turn, promise you'll shoot me."
    • Francis: "What if just your beard starts to turn? Can I shoot that?"
    • Bill: "You are an idiot." / "A few years in the service mighta slimmed you down and shut you up, Francis." / "Speak up Francis, your voice got all muffled from your head being so far up your ass!" / "You know who's gonna survive this mess, Francis? It ain't the fellow makin' jokes." / "Don't be an ass, Francis." / "Close your mouth and open your eyes, Francis. You'll aim better."
  • Francis: "I hate elevators. I hate helicopters. I hate hospitals. And doctors and lawyers and cops..."
    • Bill: "Francis, is there anything you don't hate?"
    • Francis: "You know what I don't hate? I don't hate vests."
  • Bill: "You call this a zombie apocalypse? It don't hold a candle to the great zombie attack of 1957.
    • Zoey: "What?"
    • Bill: "Nah, I'm horseshittin' ya."
  • Bill: "I have a bad feeling about this."
    • Francis: "Hey, look on the bright side: even if you don't make it, I'll still be really handsome."
    • Bill: "[Short laugh]"
  • Bill: "Even being in a war doesn't prepare you for this, they never stop. They come at ya, and come at ya, and they *never* goddamn *stop.*"
    • Zoey:"Game over man, game over!'
    • Bill: "What the hell was that?"
    • Louis & Zoey: [Short Laugh]

[ Exiting the elevator ]

  • "Now to the roof!"

[ Looking down the building ]

  • "That first step'll kill ya."
  • "Watch out that first step'll kill ya."
  • (Cut) "Watch out for the fall!"

[ Seeing the safe room ]

  • "Safe room up here!"
  • "We can get to the roof through here."

Rooftop Finale[]

[ Exiting the safe room ]

  • Bill: "Let's get the hell out of here!"
    • Louis: "Works for me."
  • (Cut) "Roof this way!"

[ Getting on the roof ]

  • "There's the landing pad."
  • "Let's find that radio."
  • "Let's find the radio and get a hold of that pilot."

[ Having called the chopper ]

  • "I called the chopper."

[ The chopper arrives ]

  • "Get to the chopper! GO!"
  • "Get to the chopper!"
  • "To the chopper. Come on, MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT!"
  • "Get to the LZ!"
  • "Our chopper's here! Let's get the hell out of Dodge."
  • "The bird's here! Let's go!"

[ Talking to the pilot after having got rescued (cut) ]

  • "Well this is it."
  • "Oh man, so close, so close."
  • "Damn happy to see you!"
  • "Dust off!"
  • "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"
  • "For Christ's sake!"

Crash Course[]

(Despite not having any new lines, Bill still talks during the campaign at certain moments. In addition, the subtitle file mentions "DLC2" lines for him that however, never went re-used)

  • Francis: "Waterworks. That where you pick up your crying supplies, Bill? Ah ha ha, I'm hilarious."
    • Bill: "Speak up, Francis. Your voice got all muffled from yer head being so far up yer ass." / "You know who's gonna survive this mess, Francis? It ain't the fella makin' jokes."
  • [ When starting the generator ] "Watch my back!"
  • "I'm gettin' too old for this horseshit."
  • "Ah hell I'm gettin' too old for this shit!"

Death Toll[]

Cut Comment[]

  • "We hiked down the road through some hick town and at the end there was a campground and a boat to a better place. And when I say a better place, that is pretty much anywhere other than here. Hell, even Cleveland would be better place."

The Turnpike[]

  • Zoey: "I heard the military was holding out in Riverside. Unless anyone has a better plan, I say we head there."
    • Bill: "All right, then, let's do it."
  • "Let's get up that ladder."
  • "Ah hell. I think we gotta go through this tunnel."
  • "This tunnel was a deathtrap."
  • Francis: "Fantastic. A tunnel."
    • Bill: "Don't be an ass, Francis!"
  • "Nobody wander off."

The Drains[]

  • "Cross the bridge, GO! GO! GO!"

The Church[]

  • "Check that house for supplies."
  • "There's lights on in that church!"
  • Church Guy: "I'm not letting you in until I'm sure you're immune."
    • Bill: "Son, we're immune, we're tired, and there's infected in the damn woods. Now cut the shit and let us in!"
    • Church Guy: "Not infected? Not infected? Prove it! Ding dong! Ding dong! Dinner's served! Come and get it!"
    • Bill: "I don't believe this."
  • Church Guy: "No one gets in here until I know you're immune!"
    • Bill: "We're as human as they come, son. I promise you."
    • Church Guy: "Only when I know you're human. Get ready for the test. Ding dong! Ding dong! Dinner's served! Come and get it!"
    • Bill: "This guy's nuttier than candy bar shit."
  • Church Guy: NO! Nobody rides for free! Ding dong!"
    • Bill: "I don't believe this shit. We're arguin' for our lives here with a damn mental moron!"
    • Church Guy: "I am not a mental moron! Ding dong! Ding dong! Dinner's served! Come and get it!"
    • Bill: "This guy's nuttier than candy bar shit."
  • Church Guy: "NO! You think you're special with your leather jackets and your fancy blood?"
    • Bill: "Oh shit."
    • Church Guy: "I'm gonna ring this bell. I'm going to ring this bell! And they'll come! And they'll finish the job. Ding dong! Ding dong! Dinner's served! Come and get it!"
    • Bill: "I don't believe this."
  • [ Cut Lines ]
    • "Oh, what the hell! OPEN THE DOOR ALREADY!"
    • "Son, any of us get hurt, you WILL regret it."

The Town[]

  • "Poor bastards barricaded themselves inside the city. All it musta took was one infected..."
  • "They didn't have a chance."
  • Zoey: "I guess Riverside couldn't hold out." / Francis: "Looks like Riverside couldn't hold it together."
    • Louis: "If we get to the river we can find a boat."
    • Bill: "Sounds good to me. Let's do it."
  • Francis: "Riverside's a bust. Let's just get to the river and steal a boat."
    • Bill: "Sounds good to me. Let's do it."
  • Louis: "Riverside's a bust. Let's just get to the river."
    • Bill: "All right, then, let's do it."
    • [ Alternate ] Francis: "That's better than my plan."
      • Bill: "What was that?"
        • Francis: "I didn't have one."
  • Bill: "Come on, this way." / "This way."
    • Francis: "I'm comin', Bill. Keep yer beard on."
  • "This place is a ghost town."
  • "Looks like they couldn't hold out."
  • "Something doesn't feel right here."
  • "Let's check out the church."
  • "We're gonna die if we stay in Riverside. Let's head to the water and look for a boat."
  • "The television said people were heading to Riverside."

Boathouse Finale[]

  • "Check that house for supplies."
  • Bill: "Hello?" / "How ya doin'?"
    • John Slater: "Hello? Hello! We're heading to the military outpost upriver. We can come get you in ten minutes. Arm yourselves for the trip and tell me when to head out."
    • Bill: "Go on and head out. We're ready." / "Come and get us. We're good to go."
    • John Slater: "We'll be there in ten minutes."
  • "Run to the boat!"
  • "Get to the boat!"
  • "To the boat! MOVE!"
  • "Haul ass to that boat! RUN!"
  • "That's the boat! Time to bug out!"
  • "All right, the boat's here! Let's go!"
  • "We're gonna need a minute to think about it."
  • "You got a deal. Give us a minute to get ready."
  • "You got a deal."
  • "For all we know he's out there on a Huck Finn raft. Still, he's all we got."
  • "This'd better be a big goddamn boat."
  • "I wish he'd hurry the hell up."
  • "How long's it take to drive a boat to shore?"
  • "He's sure taking his sweet time about it."
  • "Move your asses, people, we are leaving!"
  • "When this is all over? Something tells me I ain't gonna visit Riverside again."
  • "So that was Riverside, was it? What. A. Shithole."
  • "See you later, Riverside."
  • "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but we're gonna take your husband's offer."
  • "Miss, I think we're gonna take your husband's offer."

Dead Air[]

Cut Intro[]

  • "We planned on taking the rooftop route to avoid the crowds below. It was about a mile to the airport as the crow flies. But I guess the crow we were following was pretty drunk."

The Greenhouse[]

  • Zoey: "That plane's headed right for the airport. Maybe they're still evacuating."
    • Bill: "A C-130 is nice flying."
    • Francis: "I hate planes."
  • "I've seen 'em fly lower."
  • "That's a C-130! Maybe we can catch up to it at the airport!"
  • "That C-130's headed for the airport. I say we head there, too."

The Crane[]

  • [ Starting the Crescendo Event "I have a bad feeling about this"

The Construction Site[]

The Terminal[]

  • Bill: "Just like I said, they bombed the airport."
    • Francis: "Holy shit." / Zoey: "They must have been trying to stop the infection from spreading." / Louis: "Holy shit."
  • "What'd I tell ya? They tried to stop people from leaving."
  • Bill: "Bombed!"
    • Francis: "We need to get out to the runway." / "We gotta get to the runway."
  • "Who in the hell set that off?"
  • "Why in the hell would you set that off?"
  • "How in the hell was I supposed to know?"

Runway Finale[]

Rogue Plane crashing[]
  • "Holy mother of god."
Plane's backdoor opened[]
  • "Everyone on the plane! PRONTO!"
  • "Get to the plane!"
  • "Into the plane. Hustle it, people!"
  • "Terry's dead, kid. We can get you gassed up if you like."
  • "It ain't Terry, pal. You want us to get you gassed up?"
  • "Terry's dead. You lookin' to fuel up?"
  • "Terry's dead, son. Can you get this plane in the air?"
  • "Understood. Come on, kids, let's load up."
  • "I see it. Give us a minute to get ready."
  • "All right, let's get this done."
  • "All right, people, there's an aircraft on its way. Let's dig in."
  • "About goddamn time!"
  • "Oh no, ya don't!"
  • "Louis didn't make it!"
  • "Zoey didn't make it!"
  • "Francis didn't make it!"
  • "Our plane's here. Let's move out!"
  • "The plane's here! Let's go!"

Blood Harvest[]

Cut Comment[]

  • "We had no where else to go, so we followed the tracks to an old farmhouse. The farmhouse was real quaint, pretty, peaceful even. For about 15 seconds."

The Woods[]

  • Bill: "Emergency band was talking about a military outpost just north a' here." / "Last thing I heard, there's some kind of military outpost not far from here along the train tracks."
    • Francis: "Yeah, I heard that, too."
    • Bill: "We just need to find the train tracks and then follow 'em."
    • Zoey: "Yeah, let's do it." / Francis: "Yeah, let's do it." / Louis: "Sounds good to me."
  • "These woods look thicker 'n Boomer shit. Nobody wander off."
  • "Francis, this look like home to you?"
  • "The tracks are down there!"
  • "If we can find some train tracks, we can follow 'em to the military outpost."
  • "I wonder what outfit is stationed there?"
  • "Probably the chickenshit national guard."
  • "I heard the military's got an outpost just north of here. There should be some train tracks somewhere around here that'll take us right to it."
  • "The military's got an outpost just north of here. We gotta find the train tracks and they should take us right to it."
  • "The military hasn't been much help so far, but last I heard they had an outpost not far from here off the railroad tracks."
  • "I say we follow the tracks and see if the outpost is still operational."
  • "If anyone has a better plan, speak now."
  • "I'll admit the government hasn't been a hell of a lotta help so far, but we're runnin' out of options here."
  • "I don't trust the woods."
  • "There's the tracks!"
  • "We can get down to the tracks through there."
  • "Safe house back here!"
  • "We gotta follow these train tracks."
  • "There's the train tracks!"

The Tunnel[]

  • "It's through this tunnel."
  • "Goddamnit, the tracks are blocked."
  • "We gotta follow the tracks."
  • "Safe house in here!"
  • "Tracks are blocked!"

The Bridge[]

  • Bill: "This side passage better lead somewhere."
    • Louis: "Stay positive, guys! I got a good feeling about this."
  • "There's our train tracks!"
  • "All aboard!"
  • "Safe house up there."
  • "Check that house for supplies."
  • "Echh..."
  • "This shit just confuses me."
  • "Blind leading the blind..."
  • "Fresh air!"
  • "Electrical fence!"
  • "Hit that power switch!"
  • "Get the power."
  • "Start the engine!"
  • "Let's unhook that car."
  • "Get that thing moving!"
  • "Hit it!"
  • "Goddamn track's blocked again."
  • "Let's get over that hill."

The Train Station[]

  • "Check the barn for supplies."
  • "Keep moving. The tracks gotta be up ahead."
  • "The tracks are down there!"
  • (When looking at the bloody lawnmower) "Whoa-ho-ho." / "Holy Mother of God..."
  • "Cross the bridge! Go go go!"
  • "Get to the train!"
  • "Anyone check that barn?"
  • "I remember that shit."
  • "I hated that show."
  • "Station ahead!"
  • "Train station."
  • "Anything about the base?"
  • "Why can't one of these goddamn trains be working?"
  • "We can go through this building."
  • "Get the gate."
  • "Open the gate."
  • "Run for the car!"
  • "Haul it!"

Farmhouse Finale[]

  • "Finally, an outpost!"
  • "The honest to God military!"
  • Francis: "Goddamn tape-loop piece of shit!"
    • Bill: "Settle down Francis. Just use that radio. They'll come."
  • "Hello?"
  • "We're ready, soldier."
  • "We're good to go, son."
  • "Get to the truck! MOVE!"
  • "Get to the truck!"
  • "Get to that truck on the double! GO! GO! GO!"
  • "The truck's waitin'. RUN!"
  • "The truck's here! Let's go!"
  • "The truck has arrived! Let's move out, people!"
  • "Up the hill!"
  • "I could go for some creamed corn."
  • "I got a hankering for some corn on the cob."
  • "Something ain't right."
  • "Hope they don't take long."
  • "You guys ready? I'm callin' em."
  • "I'm callin' 'em to come get our sorry asses."
  • "Beautiful! The cavalry has arrived!"
  • "Roger and out."
  • "H-o-l-y s-h-i-t."
  • "Now that is how you do it, people!"
  • "I believe we have found our place."
  • "Anyone for just retiring here?"
  • "We can set up in the barn or the house."
  • "We're here!"
  • "Copy that!"
  • "Roger that!"
  • "You are a voice for sore ears, son."
  • "Lookin' forward to seein' you."
  • "Read you loud and clear, son."
  • "Roger. We'll be waiting."
  • "Understood, soldier."
  • "Goddamn it, we gave 'em hell, didn't we? We gave 'em hell..."
  • "Yeah, we did it."
  • "Yeah, we made it."
  • "We made it."
  • "We did it."
  • "YEEHAW!!"

The Sacrifice[]

  • "Stay up there!"
  • "Don't get down!"
  • "Leave me and get to the keys!"

The Docks[]

[ Intro ]

  • "End of the line. Let's move."
  • "Alright, let's move! No stragglers!"
  • "Alright, everybody, remember: we're lookin' for a sail boat. I aim to get to the Keys, and I ain't stoppin' for gas."
  • "You know who runs around filling up things with gas? Idiots."
  • "Zoey, we all made this far together. That was my plan."
  • "Pull yourself together, if not for me then for them."
  • "You gettin' tired, Francis? Tell you what: I'll go find us a boat. Then I'll come back, pick you up and carry you there."
  • "Zoey. You ready to head to the Keys?"
  • Francis: "Why'd we stop?"
    • Bill: "We're out of track."
    • Francis: "What? We're not even gonna try driving it on the ground?"
  • Louis: "Hey, Bill! Look, there's a boat! Hell, there's boats everywhere."
    • Bill: "Nope. Gotta be a sail boat."
    • Louis: "Why's that?"
    • Bill: "I ain't stoppin' the boat every 15 minutes to go look for gas."
  • Francis: "I was getting' tired of being cooped up, lookin' forward to some walking."
    • Louis: "Way to go Francis, some cardio is just what we need!"
    • Bill: "You're a regular health nut."
  • Zoey: "Well--better get moving. Remember, if you fall behind, Bill thinks it's okay to let you die."
    • Bill: "Zoey... Christ, kid. We come back for our own." / "Zoey... No one here is being left behind..."
    • Zoey: "Sure. It's the rest of the world we can just let die."
    • Francis: "Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but I think I wanna hang out with Louis."
    • Louis: "Well, thanks, man!"
  • Francis: "Man, Zoey is pissed."
    • Louis: "I'm pissed too!"
    • Francis: "Really? This is you pissed?"
    • Bill: "Shut your traps, let's move out."
  • Bill: "Almost there, people! We just gotta find a boat and we'll be in the Keys."
    • Francis: "Yeah! Sandy beaches. Coconuts. Sand. Beaches. Sand... Wait a minute, I hate islands."
  • Louis: "Military jail, a train ride, and now… back to walking?"
    • Bill: "It'll do you good son."
    • Louis: "I'm trying to keep my head up Bill."
  • Bill: "We gotta find a sail boat."
    • Francis: "Found one."
    • Bill: "That's not a sail boat. And it's on fire."
  • Francis: "Holy shit! Did that truck have a head-on collision with a boat? Man, I wish I could have seen that."
    • Bill: "Shut up, Francis."
    • Louis: "Actually, I'd like to see that too!" / "Actually, I would have liked to see that too!"
    • Bill: "Both of you shut up."
  • Louis: "We GOTTA be getting close to the Gulf. I can almost smell the salt water."
    • Francis: "I think those are Bill's tears."
    • Bill: "I'll give you something to cry about, Francis."
  • Zoey: "Good thing we left all those people behind so WE could escape, Bill."
    • Bill: "If we stayed, no one would have escaped."
    • Zoey: "How can you be sure?"
    • Bill: "Zoey. I can't."
  • Zoey: "This was your plan, Bill? A train to the Keys? This isn't the keys, Bill. We're nowhere."
    • Bill: "Zoey, I need you to trust me on this."
  • Bill: "Let's find a boat that can make it to the Gulf."
    • Francis: "Aye, Aye Captain!"
  • Bill: "Let's find a boat that can make it to the Gulf."
    • Francis: "Bill, when you sailed ships were they all still made of wood?"
    • Bill: "Francis, you'd have been walking the plank right now."
  • Bill: "End of the line sweeties. Grab some gear and let's go."
    • Zoey: "Great maybe we can meet some new people and leave them behind."
    • Bill: "Zoey... I'm not leaving any of you behind."
  • Bill: "That's as far as the train's taking us. If we're gonna get to the Keys, we'll need a boat."
    • Zoey: "I'd like to put it to a vote that maybe we shouldn't go rot on an island in the middle of nowhere, and actually, you know, help everybody else fight the zombies?"
    • Francis: "Okay. I vote for the island paradise where we don't have to fight any more zombies."

[ Approaching first bridge ]

  • "Have to find a boat on the other side of this bridge."
  • "Let's head down river to find the boat."
  • "That bridge is blocking the harbor."
  • "Let's follow the river."
  • "LOUIS, the ocean doesn't flow into the river."

[ Approaching traincar with Tank inside ]

  • "Goddamn it. Only the military would think putting a tank in a train was a good idea."
  • "Careful opening that door, he sounds frisky."

[ Opening train door with Tank inside ]

  • "When this door opens, light the mother up."
  • "Get ready. Let's set a trap for this son of a bitch."
  • "Get ready, I'm opening the door."
  • "Stand back and get ready."
  • "Door's opening up!"

[ Inside Tank's traincar ]

  • "This is not pretty."
  • "Can't believe this car held that thing."
  • "Stinks like shit in here."

[ Approaching brick factory ]

  • "Past the bricks."

Going on top of bricks ]

  • "On top of the bricks."

The Barge[]

[ Safe room ]

  • Francis: "Explain to me again why we didn't take any of the perfectly good boats we passed?"
    • Bill: "I keep telling you: we're looking for a sail boat."
    • Francis: "Okay, but why didn't we just drive one of those boats to look for a sail boat?"
    • Bill: "Shut up Franc-- alright, that's not a bad idea."
    • Louis: "Let's make a note of that for next time, alright guys?"
  • Bill: "Zoey. I know you're mad at me."
    • Zoey: "I really don't want to hear it."
    • Bill: "Zoey. Listen. The four of us are all that matters now."
    • Zoey: "Bill, I'm not ready to give up on everything yet."
  • Francis: "I'm still not seeing a boat. Why don't we head back and see if the train floats?"
    • Bill: "We'll find it, we'll find it."
  • Zoey: "So this is really it? We're gonna run away to some island? "So long world good luck with all the zombies"?"
    • Bill: "Dammit, Zoey! We trusted CEDA! We trusted the military! And they left us to die! Do you think they'll ever let us back in? We're on our own, kid. It's high time you started actin' like it."

[ Near or on first abandoned boat seen ]

  • Francis: "Hey, here's a boat."
    • Bill: "No, Francis."

[ Approaching ore ship ]

  • Francis: "Yo, Captain Bill, can we take this ship?"
    • Bill: "No Francis, we can't." / "You know how to pilot this thing, Francis?"

[ Climbing the gravel hill ]

  • "Don't give up on me, keep going!"
  • "Double time up the hill!"
  • "Goddamn pile of rocks."
  • "Goddamn it... crows!"
  • "Horseshit goddamn birds..."
  • "Shut up you goddamn birds!"
  • "Everyone into the chute."
  • "Get into the chute!"

Port Finale[]

[ Safe room ]

  • Bill: "Alright, people. There's gotta be a sailboat around here somewhere. We're gonna find it, get to the keys, and build ourselves a little piece of paradise."
    • Louis: "Sounds good to me."
  • Francis: "Bill, I just wanna make it clear - in front of everyone - that I am against the island plan."
    • Bill: "Cut the horseshit Francis."
    • Francis: "Jesus, have you ever been to an island? They're goddamn horrible."
    • Bill: "They're defensible, Francis. As far as we know, zombies can't swim."
    • Francis: "They're not the only ones..."
    • Bill: "Speak up, son."
    • Francis: "I hate this plan."
    • Bill: "Noted. Let's go."
  • Bill: "We have to be getting close. Once we're on the boat, we're home free."
    • Francis: "Why don't we just live on the boat?"
    • Bill: "Unless you're gonna stop eating, we're gonna need a damn big boat to hold all the supplies."
    • Francis: "Well... there was that ship back there."
  • Louis: "Bill, when we get to the Keys, you got an island in mind?"
    • Bill: "Yeah. A couple of 'em. We get there in one piece, we're gonna clear the island and spend the rest of our lives relaxing on the beach."
    • Louis: "I like the sound of that."
  • Louis: "Bill, when we get to the keys, you know how to fish?"
    • Bill: "Damn right I know how to fish, kid."
    • Louis: "I always wanted to learn how to fish." / "I always wanted to learn how."
    • Bill: "Tell you what: once we clear the island and settle in, I'll make you a pro."
  • Louis: "So, Bill. Once we find a sailboat, how far is it to the Florida Keys?"
    • Bill: "Not far at all. We find an island, make it ours. No more army, no more CEDA, no more horseshit."
    • Francis: "No more vampires..."
    • Louis: "No more internet, no more xbox, no more nothing..."
    • Zoey: "No more human race..."
  • Louis: "You know what I miss? Checking email. Seeing what's new."
    • Bill: "Bah. Keep your computers, emails... whatever. Just give me a pen and paper."
    • Louis: "Bill, did they have TV when you were young?"
    • Bill: "NO!" / "They didn't have electricity when I was born." / "No! They hadn't even invented the wheel when I was born."
    • Louis: "You are literally the oldest man in the world, aren't you?" / "How old are you again Bill?"

[ Spotting sail boat ]

  • "Christ, bridge is in the way. We'll need to raise it."
  • "If we wanna take that boat down river, we'll need to raise that bridge."
  • "There's a sailboat by the bridge! We can take that."
  • "There's a sailboat on the wrong side of the bridge. We can raise the bridge and go!"
  • "If we raise that bridge, we can use that sail boat."

[ Starting first generator ]

  • "Careful with these generators, they're gonna attract hordes!"
  • "We gotta start these generators."
  • "If we power these generators we can raise that bridge."
  • "These generators must be setup to power the bridge."
  • "First one, everyone ready?"
  • "Get ready, this things are gonna make a racket."

[ First generator event over ]

  • "Alright, I think that's it!"
  • "That's the last of them, to the next generator."
  • "To the next generator!"
  • "Let's get to the next generator!"
  • "We got a break, let's go."
  • "Come on, two more to do."
  • "It's dying down. Two more."

[ Starting second generator ]

  • "Get ready, this things gonna make a racket."
  • "Let's do this better than the last one."
  • "Let's get prepared before we start it."
  • "If we're ready let's hit it."

[ Second generator event over ]

  • "Way to go people, to the last generator."
  • "Let's move out!"
  • "To the last generator!"
  • "To the last gennie."

[ Starting third generator ]

  • "Get ready, let's do this."
  • "Last one, let's be careful."

[ Bridge available ]

  • "We can get on the bridge!"
  • "To the bridge! The bridge!"
  • "Stop playing around and get to the bridge."
  • "Get to the bridge!"
  • "Run to the bridge!"
  • "We gotta raise the bridge!"

[ On the bridge ]

  • "We gotta hit the the button to raise the bridge."
  • "Raise the bridge! Hit the button!"
  • "We gotta all get on and hit that button."

[ Bridge stopped ]

  • "Goddamn it, the bridge stopped!"
  • "Son of a bitch, that generator stalled!"
  • "Jesus H Christ, the bridge stopped!"
  • "We ain't safe here! We gotta restart that generator!"
  • "Generator's stopped! Someone's gotta go down there!"
  • "That gennie's stopped! Someone get down there!"
  • "Someone needs to restart the generator!"

[ When sacrificing himself ]

  • "Stay there, I got it."
  • "You take care."
  • "Remember: Stay together! No matter what!"
  • "Nobody try to help me! I'm doing this alone!"
  • "I'm not horseshittin' around, don't follow me!"
  • "Take care of each other!"
  • "Be safe! Get to the Keys!"
  • "You guys mean everything to me! Stay there!"
  • "You guys are the only family I got! Take care of each other!"
  • "Don't get off the bridge, I have this."
  • "Stay there! I got this!"
  • "Do not follow me!"
  • "Stay on the goddamn bridge, I have this."

[ Louis sacrifices himself ]

  • "Louis, you did it, you did it."
  • "Louis, Louis, goddamnit Louis!!"
  • "Louis, you weren't supposed to die."

[ Zoey sacrifices herself ]

  • "Damn it, kid. NOOOOOOO!"
  • "ZOEY!!! It wasn't supposed to be you!"
  • "NO, NO, NOT ZOEY!"
  • "ZOEY! You did it!"
  • "Zoey! It wasn't supposed to end like this."

[ Francis sacrifices himself ]

  • "Francis! No! NO!"
  • "Francis, you beautiful son of a bitch you did it!"
  • "Francis, I will not forget you."
  • "Francis, I will not forget this."

[ Starting generator while sacrificing ]

  • "Come on, damn you."
  • "Start already."
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Come on, come on, come on."
  • "Jesus Mary and Joseph, start already."
  • "Let's go! Let's go!"
  • "Catch, catch you son of a bitch."

[ After Sacrificing Himself (Added with The Last Stand Update) ]

  • "If I had known how many of you sons'a bitches there were when I started out... I guess I woulda... saved the shoe leather and fought you there!"
  • "My job's done. Have at me, you bastards."
  • "My job's done. Let's see what you've got, you big dumb sons'a bitches!"
  • "My friends are safe... There's nothing you bastards can do to me now!"
  • "You monkeys ain't gonna spoil this."
  • "You shoulda brought more tanks with you."
  • "You're too late. They're safe."
  • "You sons'a bitches took everything. But you ain't taking them."
  • "You're too late. [Laughing while coughing]. I'm ready. I'll see peace back on Earth, [Coughs] If I gotta murder everyone of you bastards with [Coughs] with my bare goddamn hands! [Maniacal laughter]"
  • "I'll see peace back on Earth, [Coughs], if I gotta murder every one of you bastards with my, [Coughs], with my bare goddamn hands! [Maniacal laughter]"
  • "Oh horseshit."
  • "You want me? Come and get it. I'm just scars and tar anyway, but, you didn't get them, did you? ...You sons of bitches."
  • "[Chuckles], I guess you can't unmake how things end up! None of it. This is all... Just how it is. But you never got 'em, did you? They're safe! So that's just fine."
  • "I gotta admit... This ain't how I pictured it. [Sigh], Good enough... Good enough."
  • "I gotta admit, this ain't how I pictured it. Good enough."
  • "I had a good run. Knowing they're safe. I wouldn't'a changed a thing."
  • "I had a good run. I wouldn't'a changed a thing."
  • "That felt like no time at all."
  • "That all you brought?

Friendly Fire[]

[ When shot ]

  • "Goddammit, watch your fire!"
  • "Goddammit, watch where you're shooting!"
  • "Check your fire!"
  • "Watch your fire!"
  • "Hold your fire!"
  • "Jesus H. Christ, I'm on your side!"
  • "Watch where you're shooting!"
  • "Secure that weapon!"
  • "Do NOT shoot ME!"
  • "Do I look like a target?"
  • "Ahh! Knock it off."
  • "Ahh! That hurt."
  • "Whose side are you on, kid?" (the subtitles erroneously display "Whose" as "Who's")
  • "Watch where you point that thing!"

[ Cut ]

  • "Don't shoot me!"
  • "Goddamnit, you set me on goddamn fire!"

[ When shot by Francis ]

  • "What the hell are you doing, Francis?!"
  • "FRANCIS!!!"
  • "Francis, check your fire!"
  • "God dammit, Francis!"

[ When shot by Zoey ]

  • "Zoey!"
  • (Cut) "Ah Zoey, watch it."
  • (Cut) "Zoey! You know better than that!"
  • (Cut) "Zoey! Stop pointing that thing at me!"

[ When shot by Louis ]

  • "Knock it off, Louis!"
  • "Goddamn it Louis, stop shooting me!"

[ Another survivor team-killing ]

  • "Have you lost your mind?!"
  • "What did you just do?"
  • "Watch it! WATCH IT!"

Community lines[]


  • "Goddamn cold."
  • "That's what you get for not wearing a hat."
  • "Goddamn it's cold."
  • "Back in my day, we walked 10 miles through a blizzard in bare feet to kill zombies."
  • "Ehh... is it too cold for ya cry babies?"


  • "No one's going to be answering that phone."

Miscellaneous cut lines[]

Answering lost call[]

  • "Here!"
  • "OVER HERE!"
  • "I'm here!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "I hear you!"
  • "Over here, kid!"

Door breaking[]

  • "They're coming through the door!"
  • "This door ain't holdin' 'em!"

Nice shooting[]

  • "Nice shooting, kid."
  • "Nice shooting."
  • "Good shooting."
  • "Good shooting, kid."
  • "That was a real kill spree, kid."
  • "GodDAMN, you really lit 'em up!"
  • "I coulda used a gun hand like you in Nam."
  • "You definitely got that killer instinct, kid."
  • "Now THAT was some damn fine shooting."


  • "Die, bitch!"
  • "Go to hell."
  • "Burn in hell, you bastard!"
  • "Burn, you son of a bitch!"
  • "That was for Zoey, you son of a bitch."
  • "That was for Francis, you son of a bitch."
  • "That was for Louis, you son of a bitch."
  • "Die, you bastard!"
  • "Burn in hell!"
  • "All you sick sons of bitches are gonna pay."
  • "Bu-tee-ful!"
  • "Burn, you bastard."

Team kill on purpose[]

  • "That ain't gonna earn you any medals."
  • "CAREFUL!"
  • "Jesus H. Christ, you had better not try that shit on me."
  • "What in the holy hell are you doing?"
  • "Oh, nice work."
  • "What in the hell are you thinking?"
  • "Now that was some true amateur hour horseshit."

Zombie general purpose[]

  • "Here's an awful thought. What if this thing evolves like a virus? I mean to say: what if bein' immune's not a lifetime guarantee?"
  • "Goddamnit. I can't even get a cold anymore without worryin' it's the early stages of zombieism."
  • "Ah well. Least I'm old. No offense to you kids, but I already had a full life."
  • "The zombies I can live with. But good lord, I hate the woods."
  • "You hear that, or am I goin' senile?"
  • "This just went pear-shaped! Fall back!"
  • "Don't worry about me, I'm calm as a june bug."
  • "I'm jumpier'n' spit on a hot skillet."
  • "Francis, if they melted your yellow ass down, you couldn't be poured into a fight."
  • "Laggin' behind, Francis? That's okay. Yellow suits you."
  • "Don't let Francis get to ya. He's all broth and no beans."
  • "Don't let Francis wear you down. He'd break his arm pattin' himself on the back."
  • "What's the matter? You decided you want to live forever? Let's go!"
  • "I know it's a nice safehouse, but we need to keep moving."
  • "You gonna stick around and redecorate? Come on, let's go."
  • "Come on, Zoey. If we don't keep moving we're goners."
  • "I blame Bill Clinton."

Unused movie lines from The Sacrifice[]

  • "My job's done. Have at me you bastards!"
  • "My job's done. Let's see what you got, you big dumb sons of bitches."
  • "My friends are safe, there's nothing you bastards can do to me now!"
  • "You monkeys ain't gonna spoil this."
  • "You shoulda brought more tanks with you."
  • "You're too late. They're safe."
  • "You sons of bitches took everything. But you ain't takin' them."
  • "You're too late."
  • "I'm ready."
  • "I'll see peace back on Earth... if I gotta murder every one of you bastards... with my bare goddamn hands."
  • "Awwww, horseshit."
  • "You want me, come and get it. I'm just scars and tar anyway. But you didn't get them--did you, you sons of bitches?"
  • "Guess you can't unmake how things end up. None of it. This is all just how it is. But you never got them, did you? They're safe. So that's just fine."
  • "I gotta admit... this ain't how I pictured it. Good enough. Good enough."
  • "I gotta admit... this ain't how I pictured it. Good enough."
  • "I had a good run. Knowing they're safe, I wouldn't have changed a thing."
  • "I had a good run. I wouldn't have changed a thing."
  • "That felt like no time at all."
  • "That all you brought?"
  • "If I'd know how many of you sons of bitches there were when we started out...I guess I would've, saved the shoe leather and fought you there!"