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Bienville Park
State New Orleans, Louisiana
Campaigns The Parish
Real-world Counterpart Bienville Square
"WARNING. Form orderly line. Have identification and health clearance certificate available. Use of deadly force has been authorized."
US Military
"C'mon, let's head through the park!"

Bienville Park is an outdoor park both near the Waterfront Market and the Bus Station in New Orleans. The Survivors passed through the park on their way to the Bus Station Evacuation Center in the second chapter of the campaign, "The Parish" in Left 4 Dead 2.


Located near the busy Waterfront Market, the residents and tourists would enjoy a nice casual walk through this park to get to the market or in the opposite direction toward the downtown area of New Orleans. Lots of plant life and nature can be seen in the area as several trees and tall growing bushes covered the park and in the middle of the park, there is a statue of a horse which has some kind of significance to the public. A gazebo is located to the left of the statue where the live bands would play and entertain the public and the public restrooms can be found on the right of the statue as well as the entrance to the park.

Current Status[]

Due to the overcrowded Bus Station Evacuation Center, CEDA and the military had the refugees wait in the park as the people were slowly being processed at the bus station. Due to the risk of the Infection, the military and CEDA boarded the restrooms up near the entrance and forced the people to use the other bathrooms located toward the right of the park.

CEDA continued to warn the public about the importance of hand washing to stop the spread of the disease and it seems that the people began to arm themselves and bring weapons with them as some were left behind in the park (Some at the gazebo and others near the statue and picnic tables). Once the Infected reached this area, the refugees ran toward the bus station in panic and began rioting and forcing their way through, but the military had other plans to contain the spread of the disease and stop the chaos.



  • The entrance to the park can be seen from the first chapter of "The Parish", The Waterfront.
  • The ammo and weapons can usually be found near the statue of the horse at the center of the park.
  • In the Left 4 Dead 2 prerelease the park was originally called "Jackson Park" and is still named in the game's files.
  • While passing near the horse statue Nick and Ellis can have an interesting conversation:
Ellis: I wish we had a horse. I loooove horses.
Nick: You ever eaten a horse? It's tasty!
Ellis: Horses are for ridin' not eatin', Nick.
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