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"This is a nice rifle."
"Gonna scope some Smoker ass with this."

AWP is a Tier 2 weapon in Left 4 Dead 2.


AWP is a bolt-action sniper rifle but, unlike the other Counter-Strike weapons, there is no other weapon that matches it precisely. This rifle inflicts a high amount of damage per shot — second only to that dealt out by shotguns measured on a per-shot basis.

It has the slowest rate of fire (excluding the Grenade Launcher) of any firearm in the game and its accuracy whilst moving is very low so it is only effective against a Horde in narrow environments when standing still. This rifle comes into its own when engaging enemies such as weaker Special Infected from afar. However, using it against a Witch or a Tank is not recommended due to its low rate of fire. Compared to the Scout, the AWP inflicts slightly more damage per second, but very inaccurate when fired while moving while the Scout remains highly accurate.


  • Take advantage of its accuracy and higher damage per shot to take down Special Infected from far away.
  • It is better accompanied with a melee weapon because of its extremely low rate of fire and bolt-action nature.
  • Always keep the distance from the Common Infected, as you can easily get surrounded by them with no defense if you do not have a melee weapon.
  • Players using this gun should be the last of the group to kill the few Common or Special Infected left behind and to give extra penetration when facing Hordes.
  • Always stand still or crouch while using the AWP, especially when using ammo upgrades.
  • Unlike the shotguns, players can skip the bolt animation by shooting and shoving at the same time to increase DPS. However, it should not be done too many times with a brief interval to prevent melee fatigue.

Pros and Cons[]


  • Highest damage per shot of the all firearms except shotguns and the Grenade Launcher.
  • Second highest sniper magazine capacity.
  • The highest total damage of all weapons, except the Tier 2 shotguns and the AK-47.
  • Firing and shoving at the same time can increase your DPS.


  • Low fire rate, behind all weapons except the Grenade Launcher.
  • Terrible weapon of choice as self-defense when surrounded by Infected.
  • Extremely bad for Crescendo Events.
  • Out of all the weapons in the game, it takes the second longest time to kill a Tank, behind even the pistols. On Normal, it would take the AWP 41 seconds to kill the Tank with it, while the pistols dual-wielded would take 20.
  • Lower damage per second than any weapon in the game, except the Scout. All other weapons in the game have a higher DPS (including sidearms). The pistols deal 65 more damage every second than the AWP when both are fired as fast as possible.
  • Firing and shoving at the same time may introduce melee fatigue if done too many times, rendering the user temporarily vulnerable during the melee shove cooldown.


  • Before The Last Stand Update, the laser sight on this weapon did not appear in first-person mode (but it did in third-person mode).
  • Prior to the PC-exclusive September 2020 update, the AWP was the only Counter-Strike weapon which running animation does not glitch after reloading AWP and it properly shows even after doing so.
  • The gun is a "left-handed" gun as the bolt is on the left side.
  • This is the only sniper rifle that can kill Common Infected in two hits on any part of their body in "Realism."
  • This weapon's model is directly ported from Counter-Strike: Source (AWP), where it, in turn, was written off from the real Accuracy International L96A1 rifle.


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